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          Margatoxin Kv1.3 selective blocker

          產品名稱: Margatoxin Kv1.3 selective blocker
          產品型號: 08MAG001-00100
          產品展商: 其他品牌
          產品文檔: 無相關文檔


          Margatoxin Kv1.3 selective blocker  的詳細介紹
          Margatoxin Kv1.3 selective blocker Margatoxin (MgTx) is a component of the venom of Scorpio Centruroides margaritatus. Margatoxin preferentially inhibits voltage-dependent potassium channels Kv1.3 with an IC50 value around 50 pM (20 fold more potent than Charybdotoxin) and irreversibly inhibits the proliferation response of human T-cells at 20 μM concentration. Margatoxin is known to be less potent on Kv1.3 expressed in Xenopus Oocytes (IC50 around 1 nM). Margatoxin was also described to be a potent inhibitor of human vascular smooth muscle cell migration with an IC50 of 85 pM.
          GsAF-2 Blocker of Nav1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 / 1.4 / 1.6 / 1.7 12GSF002-00100
          Hainantoxin-III Selective blocker of TTX-S VGSC 13HTX003-00100
          Hainantoxin-IV Potent blocker of voltage-gated sodium channels 12HTX001-00100
          Tertiapin Q Blocker of Kir Channels 08TER001-00100
          TAMRA-Charybdotoxin KCa2+ channel blocker
          Tamapin Selective blocker of SK2 (KCa2.2) channels 10TAM001-00100
          GsMTx4 Selective blocker of mechanosensitive ion channels 08GSM001-00050
          NMB-1 NMB001-00100
          MT7 – Muscarinic Toxin 7 Blocker of M1-subtype of muscarinic receptor MTX007-00100
          Rho-Conotoxin-TIA Blocker of α1-adrenoreceptor CON022-00100
          μ-conotoxin-PIIIA Blocker of Nav1.4 channels 08CON006-00100
          8xHis-ProTx-II 8xHis-ProTx-II, Nav1.7 selective blocker PTH002-00100
          ATTO488-ProTx-I ATTO488-ProTx-I (Protoxin 1; β-theraphotoxin-Tp1a) PTF003
          ATTO488-ProTx-II PTF004
          Biotin-ProTx-I Blocker of voltage-gated sodium channels and T-type Cav PTB001-00100
          Cy5-Huwentoxin-IV TTX-S selective blocker HWF002-00100
          Cy5-ProTx-I Cy5-ProTx-I (Protoxin 1; β-theraphotoxin-Tp1a) PTF001
          Cy5-ProTx-II Fluorescent Nav1.7 blocker
          GrTx1 GrTx1 toxin GRX
          GsAF-1 GsAF-1 blocks voltage-gated sodium channels 12GSF001-00100
          ρ-Da1a – AdTx1 Selective antagonist of the alpha(1A)-adrenoceptor ADT001-00010
          Echistatin α1 isoform ECH001
          Obtustatin Inhibitor of the binding of α1β1 integrin to collagen IV 10OBT001-00100
          Purotoxin-1 Selective inhibitor of P2X3 receptors 011PUR001-00100
          Conantokin-G Selective inhibitor of NR2B-containing NMDAR 08CON009-00500
          Crotamine Cell-penetrating peptide and ion channels blocker CRO001
          Cy3-Crotamine Fluorescent tumor-cell specific agent CRO002
          Lys-conopressin-G Vasopressin-like peptide 11CON014-00500
          Melittin Highly pure synthetic Melittin MEL01
          Morphiceptin Agonist of μ-opoid receptor 11CAS001-01000
          Stromatoxin-1 Blocker of Kv2 channels SCT01-00100
          ShK – Stichodactyla toxin Selective blocker of Kv1.3
          Phrixotoxin-2 Phrixotoxin-2, a blocker of Kv4.2 and Kv4.3 channels
          Maurotoxin Maurotoxin Kv and SK channels blocker 08MAR001-00100
          TMR-ShK Fluorescent (red) Kv1.3 blocker SAT001-00100
          Huwentoxin-XVI Huwentoxin-XVI is a selective blocker of N-type Ca2+ channels
          Maurocalcine Maurocalcine, a potent agonist of ryanodine receptors 07MAU001-00100
          SNX482 Selective blocker of Cav2.3 channel 08SNX001-00050
          ω-agatoxin-IVA Blocker of P/Q-type calcium channel (Cav2.1) 11AGA001-00100
          ω-Conotoxin-GVIA Conotoxin GVIA, a selective blocker of Cav2.2 channel 08CON003-00100
          ω-Conotoxin-MVIIA ω Conotoxin MVIIA, a potent blocker of Cav2.2 08CON001-00100
          ω-Conotoxin-MVIIC Blocker of P/Q and N-type Ca2+ channels 08CON002-00100
          ω-Conotoxin-SO3 Selective blocker of N-type calcium channels 08CON013-00100
          Chlorotoxin Selective blocker of small conductance chloride channels 08CHL001-00100
          GaTx2 Selective blocker of ClC2 (CLCN2) chloride channels 10GTX002-00100
          alpha-cobratoxin α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) antagonist CBT001
          Waglerin-1 Waglerin-1 blocks muscle-type nAChRs 12WAG001-01000
          Waglerin-1-FAM Waglerin-1 blocks muscle nAChRs WAG002-01000
          α-Conotoxin BuIA CON024-00100
          α-Conotoxin PIA CON023

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